To the library, and step on it!

When I was younger and much less wiser than I am today, I didn't give a fig about animal rights. I firmly believed (and kind of maybe still do, a little bit) that instead of spending money on saving animals, we could somehow use those animals to save starving children across the world.

It's horrifying, I know but it does make some sense right?

I've never liked any animals, except an interest in sharks stemming from watching Jaws at a much younger age than the rating suggested. I've had birds - chicks, a partridge, parakeets, and I even briefly owned a kitten (that I would not touch)...but I am deathly distrustful of dogs - not scared - I will cross the street if I see one. And if you're wondering, like an 8 year old acquaintance of mine, I have absolutely negative infinity interest in facing my uh, "not fear - just dislike coupled with suspicion".

Moving on. About four years ago, I had to do a presentation on Circuses. It started out with a revulsion for clowns that soon left me more shocked and afraid by the handling of the animal "entertainers." All of a sudden the image of the Lion Tamer brandishing his whip against the proverbial King of the Jungle was the most macabre scene I had witnessed in years (and as only one other person in the world knows, I have an obsession with researching very macabre topics).

For example, I have always enjoyed watching Animals in Captivity Attack.

I know that it's harsh, but really there is absolutely no need for humans to capture KILLER whales and abuse them for entertainment - I don't care how great the conditions are - it's against the laws of nature to try and bend these wild creatures to our will, so why do they face being put down if they act on their instincts? Shout out to Siegfried and Roy for not killing that tiger that got too frisky.

I try and avoid zoos in favor of sanctuaries and safaris and aquariums are the absolute worst. You want to see animals? Watch Nature, Discovery, etc.

Because of my new found concern for animals - still not completely an animal right's person - I am very against the use of animals for fashion: testing, fur, etc. Unless you're looking to survive by eating a rabbit and then wearing it's pelt to stave off frost bite, leave Thumper alone!

I am also now, slowly turning away from leather. I do own bags of calf skin, which I don't regret so much because cows are like, everywhere. Crocodile is a big no  no, I know they're evil, soulless, eating machines but they are so much cooler than cows or lambs.

Clearly I am still sorting through my views, and until I take a firm stand, there's always pleather(!)

I love the leather details that have been everywhere since last Fall, not at all ready to let go of this trend. And I was "extremely interested" at first sight when I saw the Kate Spade Fall 2013 Taxi, Off Duty Clutch. I need to plan a trip to NYC so I can hail a cab with it. Ha!

Kate Spade Taxi/Off Duty Clutch
Warehouse Faux Leather Full Skirt,
Forever 21 Faux Leather Collar Full Sleeve White Shirt,
Atmosphere Grey Cardigan,
Zara pointed toe heels,
Calvin Klein Opaque Ribbed Tights,
Topshop Double Gold Chain. (NO, NOT 2 CHAINS!)

Mad as a Hatter, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

I love hats. Fascinators, fedoras, 10-Gallon Cowboy, I always find them cute...on other people. You see I have a pretty small head. I can easily wear child-size hats. When I do find adult hats that aren't overly large on my tiny head, I feel like it's a "too much" look, and Coco Chanel's words, "Remove that last item..." echo in my little mind.

Moschino RTW 2013
This hat looks big on a normal head, #hopeless.
Also, the back of my head is shockingly flat. I'm talking pancake, here. This is something I need to bring up with my doctor. I remember my MIL mentioning that back in the day it was fashionable to have a flat head (!), I just need to ask my mom if she did anything to ensure that my head would be "in".

Any 80s - early 90s babies out there have flat heads too?

Back to hats, until I can commission a hat maker, I'm delving into the world of head gear, one baby-headed footstep at a time.

This weekend, Chicago had a total mood swing into lower 60s temperature (brrrr!) and since I've had a pounding headache these past few days, I made the logical decision to grab a knit beanie from H&M. It's actually meant for young boys, but it suited my minuscule skull just fine.

Big Success!

Does this Buddha make my head look small?

Tiger Sweater: ZARA
Leopard Print Smoking Slippers: Rock and Republic
Black Tights: H&M
Camo Jacket with Sequin Sleeves: Atmosphere

*The beanie totally flattened my hair.

Here's to my foray into the world of head coverings and general embellishments.

Suggestions are welcome.

"What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it."

I'm the daddy of the mack daddy...

It irks me when people constantly use hyperbole online,  like if you’re online and you find something kind of funny and you may smile or be sitting straight-faced, BUT you type LOL to show your amusement....but then you keep typing after every other sentence, which is ridiculous. I prefer using, "Ha", because when I find something mildly amusing, I'll say, "Ha!". I'm just keeping it real. 

But people who are "LOL" and "LMAO"ing...You’re just emphasizing how amused you are by exaggerating your reaction. And that is just a nice way of me saying you're fake and a liar. 

Coincidentally I also dislike the use of singular adjectives and verbs to convey emotion, especially the “Dead” and “Dying” and the overtly confusing (not hyperbole) “Can’t” because you can’t what? Finish your thought.

Also, I'm dying over my ZARA skort still, I wore it like literally every week this past spring, summer, and am planning to transition it into my fall wardrobe...LOL! Dead.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head...

Bad things are supposed to happen in threes, right? What about Good-Bad things? Is there a limit to those, you know unexpected good things that end up being bad or the bad things that turn out okay...I don't actually believe in luck, I believe in destiny and I've been having some terrible destiny lately.

 -I deposited a significant amount of money into our British bank account during my vacation, since it was in a foreign currency, I was told it would be cleared later. When I checked my account back home in the US, I was SHOCKED to see they deposited a 1/3 of what it should have been. Still in talks with Barclays to clear up this mess, it's been 3 months!

- I got some unexpected good news, that rung me through emotionally, and ended badly.

 - My husband left his MacBook in the car and asked me to grab it, which I forgot to do. We live in a very safe neighborhood, so imagine my shock when he woke up the next morning, found the car doors open, documents strewn about the drive, and you guessed it...his MacBook gone. Some guy broke into every home in our little Cul-de-Sac, talk about ballsy!
 *We contacted the police, who apprehended the guy, driving around in a stolen car with all the goods inside. Thank Heavens for lazy criminals.

 -I may have lost my diamond earrings (and some other less-emotionally-significant jewelry). I will be devastated if I don't find them. They represented a new chapter in my life, and well...I wanted to hold on to that feeling of rejuvination forever!

 I'm actually pretty good (Alhamdulillah) at taking bad news, so much so that people will sometimes repeat themselves over conversations, days, weeks, because they don't think I've understood. On the contrary, my belief in destiny allows me to accept whatever comes my way. I know bad things happen, but mooning, and whining for prolonged periods of time is useless. I try to brush my sadness off because there are so many worse things happening in the world.

STILL. Every cloud has the proverbial lining of silver, and I am intent on staying optimistic, which is totally against my nature. I am ecstatic the MacBook was found, I'm hopeful the money will clear, and if I don't find my earrings, I hope whoever stole them dies a fiery death.

 On that pleasant note, I woke up early enough to get everything (save for two items that they just didn't have around Chicago), on my list from 3.1 Philip Lim for Target. Yay! So without further woe, here is the high-low dress. I got a lot of compliments on it, especially from random people, and I LOVE the material. That is by far the best thing about the collection, unlike Prabal Gurung's stuff for Target, the material is EXCELLENT.
Dress: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target
Tights: H&m
Jewelry and Watch: Marc Jacobs
Kitten Heels: ZARA

What's Black, White, loves Gold and wear RiRi Woo like it's nobody's business?

I just went through my wardrobe and about 50% of it is ZARA, Black and White, gold, and very structured.

 When did I become so colorless and utilatarian?
Perhaps around the time I started using the Oxford comma, which I've hated with a passion until very recently.

 I am struggling with a genuine obsession for buying things, especially clothes. My closets (including the master bedroom and the guest bedroom) are overflowing, I am hoping to have some semblance of a master, walk-in closet once we move (by next Fall, God willing). But until then I am trying to stop shopping and pare down. I have clothes I have never worn but I just can’t part with them. They’re important to me.

When I love something, I love it unconditionally and irrevocably, this especially applies to things I like to wear. Therefore, I need to stop hoarding and start styling.

And now, without further babble - I have been ecstatic about the weather recently in Chicago. It hasn't felt like Fall at all, I think I may be the only girl depressed by pumpkin spiced lattes. I wore my ZARA skort, top, and Miu Miu gold pointed kitten heels. I'm from NJ, we're big on gold...Ay!

Don't Look Back into the Sun

I absolutely love the sun, it's just so stupendous. It's all warmth and sustenance and fantastic lighting. And because of my love for the sun, I loathe Autumn. I hate the falling leaves - ugly. I hate the cool weather - I'm chilly without a jacket and I'm hot with one, what's that about? I hate pumpkins. I do however, love Halloween and Thanksgiving. Two days in an entire season that don't make me want to stay under the covers, Autumn is the worst.

On an entirely different note, this summer I went back to England for a cousin's wedding. In between events, we had a couple of days to walk around London, a city I find tiresome. I dislike the cold: people, weather, buildings. Still, the shopping isn't terrible (is shopping ever terrible?) and so I went along with my cousins on a trip to Oxford Circus. As we entered Primark, I turned confidently to my cousin, "I'm not even bothered about shopping. I've got my fall wardrobe all set."

 Ha! 3.5 hours later, with my arms fuller and my bank account considerably emptier, I walked out with some fun stuff.

 Primark is a blessing and curse.

 I usually shy away from boleros because they aren't very flattering for my less than statuesque frame. But I instantly fell in love with this one...

It reminds me of a Sindhi ajrak - and hailing from Karachi, Sindh, I had to have it!

I'm going to leave you with one of my absolute favorite Sindhi folksongs (remixed in pure 80s style), a throwback to my youth. Allan Faqir is a genius and "Huma Huma", is my jam because it is lyrically and instrumentally stupendous but also because it reminds me of my youngest aunt who makes me delicious food.

Ballons, Candles, Flowers, and Cake!

I absolutely love birthdays, they outrank pretty much every holiday - except maybe Eid-al-Fitr and Halloween.

I had three mini celebrations for my birthday this year, cake cutting and dinner with my immediate family; dinner date with the better half; and a get together with loved ones. It turned out to be a much better birthday because I wasn't an intolerably spoiled Birthday Monster. I was relaxed, laid-back and appreciative. 

I didn't drag terrified friends through malls and boutiques in search of a perfect birthday outfit (I had envisioned a white, jacquard, tulip-dress with long sleeves), in the past expeditions for a birthday dress have never ended up well. I also refrained from any crazy party demands (my ideal birthday party would have fireworks and a parade with a dancing tribute by the Rockettes and a performance from Fiona Apple; I actually ended up loving the food and fun instead of agonizing over themes and entertainment. I did however, hold on to my Birthday Wish-List but made it more accessible and specific enough to get everything I exactly wanted.


Onto the OOTNs, since I never went Birthday Outfit shopping, I ended up pulling three unworn dresses from my closet. 


House of Harlow 1960: Gold Textured Cutout Cuff

Topshop: Gold Sequin Sheath Dress
 OOTN #2 I know it's very similar to the Topshop dress, but I'm obsessed with gold!
Nanette Lepore: Joan of Arc Mini Dress 
Sapphire Earrings - My birthstone!

Primark: Dusty Pink Tunic
 H&M: Wet Look Tights
Christian Louboutin: Lady Peep